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 My son, Malcolm, 9-years old at the time, was healed of an 11-month constant headache over 10 years ago through the Lord using the gifted hands, skill, insight and understanding of Piotr Gorecki. I will never forget the miracle of that day in September 1998!

The journey was long and steep before God directed us to Piotr. Malcolm's headache came with a flu virus, but didn't get better. As it persisted it became more severe. Over 11 months the constant pain in his forehead reached a level of 7 or 8 out of 10, 10 being the worst pain he could imagine. Visits to family doctors, chiropractors, a cranial sacral therapist, neurologists and emergency departments brought no relief, despite the x-rays, CT scans and MRI. Even a visit back to Toronto in January 1998, to the Hospital for Sick Children, where Malcolm had a lumbar puncture and surgery to insert an Intracranial Pressure Probe into his head, as well as other tests, provided only the welcome assurance of the absence of any brain tumor. On our return to Calgary, at the recommendation of another neurologist to whom we had been referred, I massaged Malcolm every night for 5 months, again with no results.

After 10 months of Malcolm suffering constant pain, a good friend of mine called to tell me of a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, Piotr Gorecki, who had been treating and greatly helping her husband. I graciously thanked her but indicated I felt I'd put Malcolm through enough therapists and was just trusting God for his healing. (Little did I know, her phone call was the answer to my prayers!)

A few weeks later, my friend's husband called me, which he never does; my first reaction was concern for my friend. God knew how to get my attention! Her husband was phoning explicitly to tell me that he'd just been to see Piotr, who had told him to get me to bring Malcolm to see him. It all made such an impression on me, I immediately phoned for an appointment. Within the next few days we found ourselves in Mr. Gorecki's office. I am ashamed to have to acknowledge my apprehension and suspicion of Piotr's ability to help Malcolm. I was about to be proved very wrong! After about 10 minutes of Piotr treating Malcolm, his pain level reduced to about 5 or 6 out of 10. Ten to fifteen more minutes of treatment completely took the pain away! For the first time in 11 months Malcolm was pain-free! Malcolm and I could only cry tears of joy.  Concerned we would completely flood his carpet, Piotr advised us to return the following week to pay him and for a follow-up appointment.  Malcolm has continued free of any such headache for over 10 years now! We thank the Lord for Piotr, whom we continue to visit for regular treatments.


Vicki Stagg



"I had developed a serious left rotator cuff problem which began with a seemingly innocuous repetitive strain.  Gradually there was increasing pain and loss of strength and mobility.  I tried rest, exercise, stretching, physio, acupuncture, yoga.  Sometimes it seemed better, then got even worse.  After 6 months, I could not lift my arm much above shoulder level, on either the forward or lateral planes.  Getting it behind my back was nearly impossible.  It could not support any weight and I had almost stopped using it.  Related back muscles between the spine and shoulder blade knotted so badly that I woke at night with a sharp aching that wouldn't let me sleep.  I resorted to pain medications and a heating pad.  Luckily, a friend referred me to Mr. Gorecki for therapeutic massage.  He really knows his stuff!  The first treatments were painful, but from the first, I had increased mobility with every treatment.  After 2 months of treatment once a week, I was close to full mobility again.  Now, at the one year mark since the injury (treatment once a month ongoing) I have returned to full activity, no significant pain.  I highly recommend Mr. Gorecki's knowledge and expertise." 

Barbara Dauter 



My back story began in the fall of 1990 when at the age of 8 I suddenly developed severe back pain. Over the following few months my pain would become progressively worse and most nights I would wake up crying from the pain. I was jumped from doctor to doctor and test to test with no answers.  I had to completely stop my life; no sports, no activities. In June of 1991, despite the doctors concluding that my parents were crazy to believe me and that my pain was all in my head, a bone scan was done which revealed a tumor on my T 11 vertebrae.  Two weeks later I had surgery to remove the tumor and half of the T 11 vertebrae and within weeks my life returned to that of a normal 9 year old.


In 1997 I started to develop surgical site pain that progressively got worse over the following year or so.  This time, after only a few tests, it was determined I had developed “degenerative arthritis” of the vertebras surrounding the surgical site.  The recommended treatment was a bone fusion using my right hip as the donor site for the bone.  This surgery to fuse vertebras T-9 to T-12 was done in April of 1998 at the age of 15, followed by 6 months in a half body brace and physiotherapy.  Upon the conclusion of all my treatments and therapies, I once again returned to a very normal life, living as though nothing had ever been wrong with me.  I had always had a certain amount of chronic back pain but I really had never known life without it, so it became “normal” for me. 


In February of 2011 I awoke in the middle of the night literally trapped in my bed.  I had nearly no ability to move from my hips up.  The day before had been a normal Sunday in my world, I had drove home from a wedding, cooked supper, watched a little TV and went to bed feeling fine.  I had absolutely NO idea what was wrong with me and was instantly terrified.  It took all I could do to use my arms to get my head and body off the bed.  I struggled to get to my kitchen where I took a double dose of muscle relaxants and went back to bed.  I woke up about an hour and a half later and was no better at which point I took myself to the emergency room.  The doctors there were convinced I was crazy, took x-rays of me and had the nerve to tell me that there was “no evidence of a spinal fusion on my spine”….interesting that I have scars all over my back and hip but still I was crazy.  I was sent home that day with a booked CT scan and another prescription. Within 3 days I was still no better so another trip to a different emergency room led to another doctor who recommended trying physiotherapy until the test results came back, she referred me to the Canadian Back Institute and for this advice I will be forever grateful. 


It was at CBI that the physiotherapist that I was seeing recommended that I also see Piotr Gorecki for treatment, which I did.  When I entered Piotr’s office in March 2011 I was back in my brace because otherwise I couldn’t walk, sit or stand without excruciating pain.  I had started to lose the fine motor control and feeling in my hands and fingers, I was broken EVERYWHERE.  I had no idea what was going on and the results of the CT and Bone Scans indicated that once again I was showing signs of “degeneration” on my spine, however this time it was on the vertebrates above and below the old fusion site.  I already knew that the solution to degeneration last time was surgery and I was not willing to walk that path again.  Piotr was confident he could help me.  In the beginning I saw Piotr 2-3 times per week as well as my physiotherapist, it was intense but the results were overwhelmingly positive.  Within 3 weeks I had put the brace away and was able to get along without any pain medication.  By the end of a month of treatment I was able to sleep again through the night and was able to drop my physiotherapy to monthly.  I have been seeing Piotr faithfully since February and believe whole-heartedly that this man saved me from yet another surgery.  By July of this year I was able to return to the golf course which when I got sick I wasn’t sure I would ever do again.  He is absolutely AMAZING and I don’t know where I would be without his therapy.  Over the years I have seen numerous doctors, therapists and practitioners but NO ONE compares to Piotr, he gave me my life back.  I still see Piotr for maintenance and believe I always will.  I now believe that had I been introduced to Piotr in 1997 he could have saved me from surgery then and though I can’t turn back time, I’m so blessed that he came into my life now as he definitely saved me this time!!!!



Nicole Miller


 When I had a car accident and was rear ended in September, I was booked for Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy for 90 days. The alignment on my neck was damaged and I had terrible back pain for weeks. After various physiotherapy sessions, I was sent to Piotr Gorecki for massage therapy not expecting much change.
This man is incredible. 
He is a facilitator of removing serious pain through his magical massage techniques.
Each session that I went for massage therapy with him increased my ability to move my neck and the pain in my spine decreased immensely. Each time I left his session I felt absolutely wonderful. There was not a pain in my body for at least 1 week.
As I continue to see him on a regular basis the pain subsides dramatically and the weeks I have gone to him make me feel like a new person.
This is in fact no doubt the very best neuromuscular therapist I have been fortunate to meet.

Iris Chomyn


   When I met Piotr for the very first time I was on the long time disability for about a year following car accident and basically â€œwritten off” by insurance company, doctors and therapists ( chiro, physio, massage, etc.) I think over that period I have seen at least 20 different doctors and specialists. Finally I was told by psychologist that all of my pain was in my head and I started to believe in it hoping one day I will forget it?
Then about 3 months ago my doctor told me that I should see Piotr (my last hope).
Not expecting much I booked the visit. Why not?
For the first time someone was listening to me, and while me talking he was doing the assessment.
It took him another 30 min. to explain me what is going on with me and why I am not better. 
He told me that within 4-5 visits I will be 60%-70% better (yah, that’s right!?!-I was told that before!).
After 2 visits I knew I was very wrong. 
After 7 visits my pain was GONE!!! And as of today: no headache, no back pain, very good sleeping (I do not snore anymore-it make my wife happy), and the most important of all I HAVE MY LIFE BACK, (thanks to this man).

Richard M.


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